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K√©ratene¬ģ alphactive

The Finasteride-like similar effect - but in much lesser extent - is also attributed to the stanols, substance originally isolated from vegetable oils. Products containing such ingredients are considered to be non-medicated and are sold without medical prescription.
Effects and side effects are significantly milder than their medicated counter-parts. Kératene alphactive is such a non-medicated product that provides adjunctive care by hair loss. To what extent this product counteracts the long-term effects of androgenetic hair loss is still subject to scientific evaluation.

Kératene alphactive rétard is an indirect DHT depressor based on complex stanols and influence directly the main cause of androgenetic hair loss. This therapy requires a long-term approach. Kératene alphactive has a Xenoestradiol & Phytoestrogen-free as well as -steride-free formula. It is not a drug nor a hair growth product. More details available here.

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