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Treatment methods for hair transplantation

Basic information
The principle of hair transplantation is simple: hair roots (hair follicles) are removed from the horseshoe- shaped fringe of hair from the back of the head just above the ears
and then immediately distributed on the lightly-haired or bald areas on top of the head. People who are very bald very often retain this fringe of hair (the donor area).
The hair roots that grow there contain genetic information that keeps them continuing to grow during an entire lifetime.
Although this principle is quite simple, carrying out the procedure entails an extremely careful and precise approach in each phase of the treatment. A strong aesthetic sense and a large amount of microsurgical talent on the part of the attending physician also form very important basic prerequisites for carrying out the hair transplant successfully.

The two following treatment methods are the norm for modern hair surgery:

- the minimally-invasive  Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplant
and the so-called 
- Donor Strip Super-Megasession , the transplantation with more than
  3000 follicular units per session)

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