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Dense Packing

Within the framework of our many years of experience in hair surgery, we regularly meet patients who have justifiable doubts and uncertainty about the radically different information received from the various doctors they have consulted. This is certainly the case concerning the number of grafts to be transplanted and the intended coverage.

Generally speaking, the more, the better. It is logical that the result from 5000 transplanted grafts clearly gives a better impression than a result with only 2000 grafts in a comparable surface area. Naturally a transplanted hair density of 60 transplant units per cm² works much better than say a density of 40 units with the same hair characteristics.

Hair density is also an important factor in assessing the quality of a completed hair transplant, and the differences between the results of various hair clinics are more than remarkable.

Falling below a minimum density, especially in the area of the hairline yields results that are aesthetically substandard. To transplant hair with lower densities on purpose supposedly due to possible blood circulation problems and reduced rates of growth after a Dense-Packing-treatment, is a very doubtful standpoint. It is however unquestionable that a Dense-Packing treatment is labour-intensive, requiring a great deal of time, patience, talent and experience from both the surgeon and the team. In general the rule is indeed that the lower the transplant density, the faster and easier the procedure is.

However, density is not only a measurable value but is dependent on the subjective perception of the viewer. The result of this perceived 'optical' density not only depends on the quality of the transplant units per surface area, but also largely on the characteristics of the transplanted donor hair (size of the hair shafts, colour of the hair in contrast to the scalp) and the quality of that hair (curly, wavy or straight hair, etc.).
There are definitely patients with excellent quality donor hair and an achieved density of only 35 transplant units per cm², where the result seems fuller than in many other patients with a density of 60 transplant units per cm² or more with appreciably worse donor hair.

The transplant of 40 to 70 grafts per cm² in the hairline area is certainly an absolute must and is routinely and unfailingly carried out on each of our patients. There are undoubtedly only a few hair surgery specialists in Europe, who can also make this personal claim.
Dense Packing
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