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Hair loss is a problem for many men as well as for many women. A full, luscious head of hair symbolizes both youth and beauty.
It is therefore not surprising that for many people hair loss is an unpleasant experience, as the process is ongoing and unavoidable. Daily confrontation with each glimpse in a mirror can negatively influence self-confidence, more so in some people, less in others. For some it can even affect the quality of life to some degree.
Two modern methods of hair transplantation are the minimally invasive 'Follicular Unit Extraction' (FUE) and the 'Donor Strip Super-Megasession', a strip method in which over 3000 follicle units are transplanted in each session. In expert hands, these are the only methods of successfully refilling balding areas on the head with aesthetically natural-looking hair. A professional and caring consultation, as well as the trustful atmosphere during support and follow-up after the treatment are as important to us as the treatment itself. Our philosophy is that the results of a hair transplant may not be visible as such, even from very close by.
The naturalness of the result has top priority, and necessitates a high level of ability and many years of experience on the part of the attending physician. Naturally we would be delighted to show you the results in some of our patients.
Feel free to browse our photo gallery. The photographs are original and have not been retouched in any way. A click of the mouse is all that is needed to enlarge and then examine each photo, in detail.
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Proof of our experience in impeccable hair restoration surgery
Hairline Design
The hairline is also the
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Photo gallery
Photos of our patients with "Before&After" comparison results ...
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